OfficialTVStore - Debited Credit card and never sent product that was ordered

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I am totally pissed about officialtvstore scamming me. On march 29th,2008 I ordered "The Amazing Mighty Putty " from this horrible website!

I never received it in the mail so I tryed to call them, their voicemail was full so I sent them an e-mail. They replied back to me that the orders were backed up pretty bad. But, they said " For being so patient they were going to double my order" it should be shipped within the next 2 weeks. That was May 16th,2008.

I have e-mailed these people 5 times and they will not send a reply back to me. I think they have skipped town with all the money that they stole from all of the trusting souls that put undeserved faith in them! Never again should any of us be taken advantage of.

Pissed off in Tucson,Az.

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OfficialTVStore - Charged for order but did not ship.

Costa Mesa, California 1 comment
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Ordered the Amazing Mighty Putty on 2/28/08. The

very next day my credit was charged for product and

shipping of $27.94. Have not received the product

to this date, 16 weeks later. Shipment promised

2-6 weeks. Have called several times and no one

available to take call and unable to leave message.

Have emailed several times and no answer to my


I see now on Fox TV they are advertizing the same product again. Theses thieves should be

put out of business! I am extremely angry that this type of business is able to continue on TV.

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Hey just so u dont have a mental breakdown anytime soon.....u can get Mighty Putty and most of the other As Seen on TV items in Wal-greens anywhere in the US. ;) so take a deep breath and go 2 ur nearest wal-greens!

OfficialTVStore - ITS A SHAME...

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It's a shame when you have an elderly person trying to purchase products online because they cannot travel back and forth to the stores. Thinking that the products is on its way, they credit cards being charged and to never recieve the product. I ordered the foot detox pads, which was helping me with my high blood pressure, keeping my feet from swellin so bad, and just giving me a little more energy throughout the day. I sat and waited thinking the order should be coming in soon, 1 week goes by then 2. I try and get in contact with the company to find out the status of my order but of course no response. I began to be feel like someone has played a trick on me. People please be aware of this bogus company.

Extremely pissed off grandma!

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I also ordered from OfficialTvStore on March 30th, of 2008 and they also debited my credit card and I have not recieved my product from them.I oredered the Amazing Liquid Leather Plus repair kit and was charged $22.93.

I have been waiting patiently for the product to arrive and still nothing. I have emailed them at the address on my receipt and have also called the phone number also listed on my reciept and still have not had a response. I called today and got a message that the person I was calling was not available and that the mail box was full and I could not leave a message. What a racket?

What a bunch of crooks. Someone needs to do something about this.

I am reporting them to the BBB as well.

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Meridian, Pennsylvania, United States #16458

I also was taken for my debit payment from the same place, but for 'TheAmazing Mighty Putty'

The man selling the product is on channel 311 on Direct t.v. trying to sell the product and triple the order

someone needs to put a stop to this

the address is mighty putty

P.O. Box 2020

North Wales, PA

different from where my payment was charged from. is a fraud

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

With the complaint from bren6490 it could have been me writing that complaint. I too ordered the pro grabit set. I ordered it on May 3, 2008 and as of yet I still haven't received it.

I too, called and the mail box is full. When I try to e-mail all I get is this complaint web site. Bren is not the only person screwed, how many others have been ripped off.

I would like to know how do we go about getting what we ordered or our money back, not just sit back and complain. Please let me know.

My e-mail address is

Thank you.

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